Healthy Lunch Menus

In the last post, I told you what I had for breakfast.. so lets move to lunch. I work in an office, so my lunches need to be quick to prepare and ready to eat without a lot of fuss.

Luckily, I have lunch about 4 hours after my breakfast sometimes I’m not THAT hungry, but still hungry enough. At  first I tried to eat those Healthy Choice/Lean Cuisine meals. They don’t fill me up and I end up eating more food.

So.. again I needed to create my own lunch menu. I knew that I needed to have fruit and veggies included…and I relied on what was in season at that time. So I made sure to keep watermelon, cantaloupe and grapes in stock in my fridge. Not only that.. I would spend Sunday slicing and weighing those fruits and put them into sandwich bags (according to portion size.. So I had them all portioned out for the entire week. Grab and go… super easy.

My current lunch menu:

double fat free cheese (2 slices)  sandwich with fat free mayo and Healthy Life bread= 140 calories

Diced Pineapple cup= 60 calories

Light Applesauce- 50 calories

Jello Dark Chocolate Pudding Cup= 60 calories

Activa Yogurt (or the lowest calorie yogurt) 60 calories

I’m also on a huge carrot kick, too.  2 servings of mini carrots are 70 calories.

Calorie Total: 380

Other options:

I went through a cherry tomato phase too…and strawberries..

100 calories baked Cheetos or those Ruffles Light chips (80 calories)

When I wanted a snack in between meals… I go for the fruit and veggies.

I try to pick fruit that have a high water content. My reasoning is that it will fill you up faster. I picked carrots because I can’t eat them quickly. It makes me eat them slower.

Also, when eating my lunch, I start with my sandwich and move onto the foods I don’t like as much… yogurt, applesauce… and save the pudding for last. I can usually eat the same thing for lunch everyday but you can also change it up if you bored with the same foods.

I also will swap my cheese sandwich for a Peanut Sandwich. PB has a high calorie count but the fats that it does have in it are actually really good for you. Remember, 2 tablespoons of PB is not that much– so just stick to one serving of it.

Portion control is the thing I struggled with. Measuring your food is hard. Your brain wants MORE food and you have to tell it no. The first 3 weeks I went to bed feeling hungry and cried. BUT… seeing how much weight I lost in just those 3 weeks was enough motivation to keep me on that path. Plus, as you adjust your portions you stomach will shrink and them you won’t feel as hungry.

Side Note: Pickles make a great snack. Yes, they are high in sodium, but low/no calories…

Another great thing to add to your lunch is Laughing Cow Cheese (Light). I paired mine with Wheat Thins (High Fiber or lowest calorie) and one block of the cheese. I was so busy spreading cheese on the crackers that it would take me longer to eat and I would feel full by the time of the end of lunch time. I would eat this after I had my sandwich.

Lunch has to be easy for me. I don’t want to heat anything up. I really just want to eat my food and watch my kdramas during lunch break.

Light String cheese is another good option too… but I always ate mine wayyy too fast. I really love cheese.

The main thing is to have a good sized lunch but still have enough calories left for dinner. In the next post, I’ll let you know how  I learned to cook  dinner…and made up some really GOOD recipes that are filling and fairly easy to make. If I can make them…. you can too.



How I lost 60 pounds…

Losing weight it hard. SUPER hard.

In May 2011, I developed an issue with my knee that pretty much gave me a wake up call to lose weight. So my Doctor told me to keep track of all the calories that I ate everyday.. he wanted to see what/how much I was eating. So I did for one week, and when I showed him my calorie intake.. he said “Wow, you were really truthful”. I lived on mom’s home cooked meal and potato meals and fast food. I really do LOVE fast food… and frappes.

So he told me to eat 1200-1400 calories a day and workout three times per week (and make sure you sweat). He said to eat high fiber foods in  the morning and afternoon and high protein/low carb for dinner. That’s it. That’s all he gave me to work with. Before that I never exercised and NEVER watched what I ate.

I started at 242 pounds. That was the highest weight I have ever been.

How the hell was I going to this?! Let me tell you how….




So the first thing I had to do was buy a digital food scale. Everything needed to measured. The second thing I decided to do was give up Diet Soda and caffeine. UGH, this was so hard. But after a week, I no longer missed it. I didnt have to give it up but I knew it would help me out. Caffeine was a big thing for me since I drank a lot of diet soda.

The last thing I had to do is figure out what I can eat.

To start out I literally walked up and down every food aisle to see what I could have.  The most important thing for me was the quantity of food. Why have 2 of something when you can have a whole bag of something else for less calories?? I knew I wasn’t going to eat salads everyday… so I made up my own diet…. and it worked.

The last thing was that I didnt want to give up bread or some of my favorite foods. I had to figure out another way that I could eat them.  After 4 months of eating right and exercising, I lost 40 pounds. It took another 3 months or so to shed the last 20.  I reach my lowest weight in summer 2012 at 186.  My doctor still wanted me to lose 40 pounds but I plateaued and I became frustrated.

me skinnyme-skinny 2


I am going to share my tips for weight loss.

Before every meal and between each bite drink water. Water allll the time. After a workout I did like to drink Lemon Propel. I love me some Lemon Propel.

Take your time eating each meal. I try to take atleast 30 minutes to eat my meals. I real somewhere that it takes xx minutes before your brain tells you that you are full. Between eating slowly and this water business…. it helped me

Small snacks. In the beginning, I HAD to eat every three hours. So I picked out a snack that I could eat at my desk or while on break.

Breakfast- Always eat breakfast. My breakfast meals fluated beacuse I switched from 2% milk to skim to almond milk.

Breakfast #1.  Kashi Honey Cinnamon Oatmeal or a high fiber instant oatmeal. Sometimes I would have toast with it.. sometimes a banana. 150 calories.  Bread is high calorie, no matter it its whole grain or whatever.. I use Heathly Life High Fiber BRead. 35 calories per slice.  I also used spray butter- whatever was cheapest at the grocery store.

Oatmeal + Bread + butter = 220 calories total

I could have more food for breakfast, but this filled me up. I had this breakfast 90% of the time. Its fast and easy.

Breakfast #2. Scrambled Egg Beaters (with cheese) , hashbrowns, and toast. I measured everything. Its all about portion control.

1/2 cup of Egg Beaters= 60 calories

1 slice Kraft American Fat Free Cheese= 25 calories

2 slices Healthy Life Bread- 70 calories

85 grams of Diced hashbrowns (single serving)= 70 calories

Total Calories= 225 calories

Breakfast #3. Pancakes. I picked up frozen pancakes.. 3 pancakes= 260 calories and the lowest calorie syrup I could find. The one I like is Log Cabin Sugar Free. 1/4 cup is 20 calories.

Total Calories= 280 calories.

If I could I would try to have some fruit with my breakfast. Most times, I just had the meal or toast with it.

I didnt drink coffee or any drinks with calories, so that helped my calorie intake.  I would have tea with my breakfast but made sure it was unsweetened and zero calorie.

Exercise. I can’t ran. I don’t like gyms…. so I walked. I walked 2 miles.. three times per week around the lagoon by my house.  As I lost weight, I did increase my workouts to 5 days a week.. sometimes on weekend I would workout twice in one day. I also made a deal with myself that I would workout later that day if I ate a normal meal at a restaurant or had takeout. Sometimes for a workout I would bust out my Dance Dance Revolution for my PS2 and do that. Better workout than walking. You definitely felt that workout.

In the next few blogs I’ll post my lunch and dinner menus. I hate to cook, so many of the recipes I came  up with are easy and quick. I also just cooked for myself, so at the very most I would have two servings and one leftover meal for dinner the next night. I also tell you about the struggle with only eating serving size of foods.  UGHHHHHH.

I was really lucky that the summer I began to lose weight was the summer my parents were gone. They eat like a typical Midwesten family and I don’t think I could have done it with them in the house. When they moved back in the fall, it was such a struggle for me. Soda, cookies, candy, cakes, meat and potatoes were are shoved in my face. I had to be really stern with my mom and told her I didnt want her to tell me what they had for dinner and i DID NOT want her to save me any leftovers. It was such a struggle… and she was pretty upset that I wouldn’t eat her food anymore. It was such good food… I did miss it, though.

Even though right now I gained back most of my weight, I know that I can do it again…. and it is SOOOO much harder the second time around. SO MUCH HARDER. Everything needs to be lined up for successful weight loss. Accountability, Exercise, Motivation, and Focus. If you lose anything of these then you won’t get results you want.

I have so much more to share…. but now I have to watch some Kdramas.

Im crushing on Crush

I have decided that Crush can “Hug Me” anyyyyytime he wants.

This song has totally destroyed me….. its just so freaking great.

I just love the flow of this song. It grabs you right at the beginning and keeps you hooked. Clever and catchy chorus.. and that Choreo.. It was just perfect for the song.
This just might be my favorite videos of 2014.

If you haven’t listened to his album– do this RIGHT NOW. The whole entire is just stellar. I rarely like entire albums, but I really liked it.

Also check out his MV for “Sometimes”.

I really hope he gets the attention he deserved for this album. Man he deserves it.

Manga mania!

So besides watching dramas, I really love to read manga. Its one of the perks of my job at the library.


Here are some of my favs.

Strobe Edge.

Seriously this is like almost every kdrama plot ever made. Girl likes boy, boy has girlfriend, boy’s best friend likes girl. mixed feelings alllll over the place.

strobe edge


Honey Hunt.

Girl wants to be as famous as her mother. She meets two brothers as she tries to make it in the business. It abruptly stopped at volume 6..  Such a shame.

honey hunt


Nisekoi: False Love

One of the newest mangas that I started reading. Boy and girl have to pretend to date because of their families. They really don’t like each other and the boy has a crush on another student.



Say I Love You. 12 Volumes

I lovvvvvve this manga. The girl was bullied or such when she was younger so she doesnt trust anyone or have any  friends. Then the guy comes into the picture…

say ilove you





Drowning in twdramas….

Taiwanese dramas have overtaken my life!

First,  P.S. Man… now Deja Vu.

Every 20 or so kdramas– I need to switch to a jdrama/twdrama… and these have been on my to-watch list for a while now.

P.S. Man was exactly as I thought it would be. I just wish someone would have given Lan Cheng Long a hair straightener because his hair looked like a loofah in this drama.


I started Deja Vu 3 days ago and I’m already on ep. 15.  I reallly liked the first half of Deja Vu but I am at the halfway mark already I am starting to reach my twdrama tolerance limit.  Mandy Wei could water a garden with the tears she sheds in every episode. They better give me a happy ending with this drama.


The only twdrama that I binged watched all the way through was Skip Beat… and honestly it was because Donghae/Siwon/Ivy Chen had good chemistry on screen.. (despite the voice dubbing issue) I would have to say that that twdrama claims my #1 twdrama spot.

Up next: In a Good Way, Rock n’ Road,  I should re-invest in Fabulous Boys, too.