My Teen Top Pineapple Phase

Last summer I went through this amazing Pineapple phase. It start with watching Teen Top’s I Wanna Love MV. Seriously, I had to goto freaking Costco to buy enough Pineapple so I could have it for lunch everyday for like 3 months.

Blame Chunji.


DooJoon is my kdrama boyfriend…..

… he just doesn’t realize it quite yet.

Here’s the BTS Video of him eating 38563485 pounds of food. He looks sexy.

His new drama Let’s Eat has become my kdrama crack.  One episode every Thursday is just not enough for me.

This is why I like food dramas….

1. My own cooking is limited.

2. My Korean cooking is non-existent

3. I really like to eat food.

I like this drama because its about single people eating food…. together. Actually this drama is really good. Its more comedy than anything… I’m currently watching 5 dramas right now, but I look forward to this one every week.

Doojoon totally took me by surprise in this drama. If he is eating with someone and they  comment about food, he gets THIS LOOK, then start on a lecture on why they are wrong. Dude, really likes his food.

Do me a favor add this to your drama list. The first 3 minutes crack me up. We meet our divorced leading lady who is on a blind date. She basically needs to make a friend so they can eat together. She hates eating alone.

I’m telling you right now. I watched 5 episodes in one day.. you better eat before you watch this otherwise you will gain 8747 pounds. I highly recommend this drama… for the food, DooJoon, and the storyline.

Watch this drama on Viki.


Why Zion T. is the Ultimate Musical Bias Wrecker

Whaaaaa??? You’ve never listened to Zion T? Well, let’s fix that business… Let me take you through my evolution of becoming a Zion T. fan… and to introduce you to some of my favorite songs…soooo far.

I have linked all the MV’s/songs that I mentioned.. so take some time and just experience Zion. T ruining your life.. in SUCH a great way.

I first heard/saw him on Infinite H’s Without You MV. At that point in time,  I haven’t ventured into any k-hiphop music, but Zion T. changed that all for me.

Sidenote:  To this day…my parents still sing “Its an awesome day” instead of Niga eobseul ttae for the Without You chorus. It cracks me up every time I listen to this song.

From the Infinite-H MV, I found Click Me. Which I literally listen to EVERYDAYYYY. Also make sure to find any live performance of Click Me… and just enjoy that business.

Ok, so you like Click Me… what should I listen to next?? The entire Red Light album. Ok, so I RARELY listen to entire albums of any artist.. but this is literally the most perfect album ever. I like all the songs on this album, but listen to O, Doop, and Click Me the most. 

Next let’s skip to Manna. I love love love Manna.  It’s Primary’s song featuring Zion T… I dare you not to dance to this song. I like songs I can dance/workout to. Seriously great song.


Guess what!? Zion T. released a mini album! Now this has a different sound from Red Light. Its different, and you can tell instantly, but its so good! Check out the lead single Miss Kim.

His musical creativity just amazes me and his vocals on this song are out of this world.  Listen to the Mirror Ball mini album HERE . Only 4 songs are on the mini album, but they are realllly good.

So, are you now a Zion T. fan now? HELL YES.

For you first time listeners, let me know what you think of Zion T!

It’s hard to choose just a few Zion T. songs to focus on…

I now have Zion T. song guilt.

Inspiring Generation ep. 4


The fighting scenes were really cool.

Song Jae Rim

I’m captivated by Jo Dong-Hyeok  in this drama.


 Freaking Yoon Hyun Min. Heartless City feels alllll over again.

Finallyyyyyy. I see you Kim Hyun Joong.

I will miss the child cast. Man, they did such a great job! I also will miss Chung Ah. Her story just made me sad. I am SOOO ready for the main cast. I havent started ep. 5 yet, but I just may watch that tonight….

Emergency Couple: Literally My First Impression

When watching the first episode of Emergency Couple all I can think of is that they better have the BEST makeup sex.

Joking aside. I am not instantly hooked on this drama… quite yet.  The wedding scene was a great action sequence but something for me was just off for me to connect…

Big props to playing Edge of the Ocean at the beginning. It  brings back completely  non-kdrama relevant Veronica Mars feels.

Ok, Ok.. back to the drama…. I seriously thought they were going to go all Mr. and Mrs. Smith with those knives… The fighting scenes were ridiculous… but I was going eeeek over how they kept challenging each other. Gawd… that poor purse.

The big fight scene was like the Olympics of fight scenes. Things kept getting broken and I kept yelling noooooooo at the screen. Seriously were they fighting about a fish?

Choi Jin Hyuk can play a great boyish character. He proved that in Panda and Hedgehog. I watched Song Ji Hyo in both Goong and in Frozen Flower (you see everyyyyything in that movie, like WHOA)…. and I don’t watch Running Man..(k-variety almost always gets ignored by me).

Do you guys like Emergency Couple? Maybe I’m just in a Funky Monday mood about this drama…


Update: I liked ep. 2 alot better! Let me eat some cake and I’ll be in an EVEN better mood.