Drowning in twdramas….

Taiwanese dramas have overtaken my life!

First,  P.S. Man… now Deja Vu.

Every 20 or so kdramas– I need to switch to a jdrama/twdrama… and these have been on my to-watch list for a while now.

P.S. Man was exactly as I thought it would be. I just wish someone would have given Lan Cheng Long a hair straightener because his hair looked like a loofah in this drama.


I started Deja Vu 3 days ago and I’m already on ep. 15.  I reallly liked the first half of Deja Vu but I am at the halfway mark already I am starting to reach my twdrama tolerance limit.  Mandy Wei could water a garden with the tears she sheds in every episode. They better give me a happy ending with this drama.


The only twdrama that I binged watched all the way through was Skip Beat… and honestly it was because Donghae/Siwon/Ivy Chen had good chemistry on screen.. (despite the voice dubbing issue) I would have to say that that twdrama claims my #1 twdrama spot.

Up next: In a Good Way, Rock n’ Road,  I should re-invest in Fabulous Boys, too.


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