Healthy Lunch Menus

In the last post, I told you what I had for breakfast.. so lets move to lunch. I work in an office, so my lunches need to be quick to prepare and ready to eat without a lot of fuss.

Luckily, I have lunch about 4 hours after my breakfast sometimes I’m not THAT hungry, but still hungry enough. At  first I tried to eat those Healthy Choice/Lean Cuisine meals. They don’t fill me up and I end up eating more food.

So.. again I needed to create my own lunch menu. I knew that I needed to have fruit and veggies included…and I relied on what was in season at that time. So I made sure to keep watermelon, cantaloupe and grapes in stock in my fridge. Not only that.. I would spend Sunday slicing and weighing those fruits and put them into sandwich bags (according to portion size.. So I had them all portioned out for the entire week. Grab and go… super easy.

My current lunch menu:

double fat free cheese (2 slices)  sandwich with fat free mayo and Healthy Life bread= 140 calories

Diced Pineapple cup= 60 calories

Light Applesauce- 50 calories

Jello Dark Chocolate Pudding Cup= 60 calories

Activa Yogurt (or the lowest calorie yogurt) 60 calories

I’m also on a huge carrot kick, too.  2 servings of mini carrots are 70 calories.

Calorie Total: 380

Other options:

I went through a cherry tomato phase too…and strawberries..

100 calories baked Cheetos or those Ruffles Light chips (80 calories)

When I wanted a snack in between meals… I go for the fruit and veggies.

I try to pick fruit that have a high water content. My reasoning is that it will fill you up faster. I picked carrots because I can’t eat them quickly. It makes me eat them slower.

Also, when eating my lunch, I start with my sandwich and move onto the foods I don’t like as much… yogurt, applesauce… and save the pudding for last. I can usually eat the same thing for lunch everyday but you can also change it up if you bored with the same foods.

I also will swap my cheese sandwich for a Peanut Sandwich. PB has a high calorie count but the fats that it does have in it are actually really good for you. Remember, 2 tablespoons of PB is not that much– so just stick to one serving of it.

Portion control is the thing I struggled with. Measuring your food is hard. Your brain wants MORE food and you have to tell it no. The first 3 weeks I went to bed feeling hungry and cried. BUT… seeing how much weight I lost in just those 3 weeks was enough motivation to keep me on that path. Plus, as you adjust your portions you stomach will shrink and them you won’t feel as hungry.

Side Note: Pickles make a great snack. Yes, they are high in sodium, but low/no calories…

Another great thing to add to your lunch is Laughing Cow Cheese (Light). I paired mine with Wheat Thins (High Fiber or lowest calorie) and one block of the cheese. I was so busy spreading cheese on the crackers that it would take me longer to eat and I would feel full by the time of the end of lunch time. I would eat this after I had my sandwich.

Lunch has to be easy for me. I don’t want to heat anything up. I really just want to eat my food and watch my kdramas during lunch break.

Light String cheese is another good option too… but I always ate mine wayyy too fast. I really love cheese.

The main thing is to have a good sized lunch but still have enough calories left for dinner. In the next post, I’ll let you know how  I learned to cook  dinner…and made up some really GOOD recipes that are filling and fairly easy to make. If I can make them…. you can too.



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