DooJoon is my kdrama boyfriend…..

… he just doesn’t realize it quite yet.

Here’s the BTS Video of him eating 38563485 pounds of food. He looks sexy.

His new drama Let’s Eat has become my kdrama crack.  One episode every Thursday is just not enough for me.

This is why I like food dramas….

1. My own cooking is limited.

2. My Korean cooking is non-existent

3. I really like to eat food.

I like this drama because its about single people eating food…. together. Actually this drama is really good. Its more comedy than anything… I’m currently watching 5 dramas right now, but I look forward to this one every week.

Doojoon totally took me by surprise in this drama. If he is eating with someone and they  comment about food, he gets THIS LOOK, then start on a lecture on why they are wrong. Dude, really likes his food.

Do me a favor add this to your drama list. The first 3 minutes crack me up. We meet our divorced leading lady who is on a blind date. She basically needs to make a friend so they can eat together. She hates eating alone.

I’m telling you right now. I watched 5 episodes in one day.. you better eat before you watch this otherwise you will gain 8747 pounds. I highly recommend this drama… for the food, DooJoon, and the storyline.

Watch this drama on Viki.



Let’s Eat: The kdrama that just made my workout 2x longer…

Why did I not watch this drama earlier!!!  Oh… I KNOW> because you eat freaking everything in your house while watching it.  But the food….. it looks SOOO good.

To assist my drama watching I have consumed 2 caffeine free diet cokes, chocolate chip cookies, spicy chips and a couple of candy bars.. and thats just in the first episode. OMG I JUST REALIZED I HAVE CAKE IN MY HOUSE TOO!!!

I havent gone on SUCH a food rampage since I watched Baker King Kim Tak Gu (bread) and Hedgehog and Panda (desert).

I had to wait another day before posting because  I was concerned that I would go into a food coma by binge watching this. I also had a mad case of indigestion late last night, too. Not enjoyable.

IF you havent;t started this drama yet, add it to you list, because its hilarious. The characters are charming and the storyline keeps me interested— besides the food.

Lee Soo-Kyung totally cracks me up with her foodgasms.

Lee Doo Joon is a foodie who like tracksuits and uses his phone more than I do.  Man he look’s good in a suit… or otherwise.  Now I have Shadow stuck in my head. Shadow. Shadow, Shadow…

 Put him in more dramas, I like watching him..

Yoon So Hee is so freaking adorable as Yoon Jin Yi in this drama. The scenes with her and Doo Joon are hilarious. This is the kind of kdrama character I like, she’s not a mean girl and just wants an Unni friend.

And in episode 2… I just fell in heart with Shim Hyung Tak. The way he looked at Lee Soo-Kyung while she was eating was just YAS. I need to see more flashbacks of him. They are priceless.

Thanks to everyone who recommended this drama to me! If you are looking for your next drama, or need a filler- drama check this one yet. The only drawback it that it only airs one episode a week.      -_-

Hide all yo’ snacks when watching this drama….otherwise…