Off Topic.. but I was Nominated…

Holy piggiebacks and kdrama wrists grabs, I was nominated for an Liebster Award!

This blog has been up for less than a week and this very nice surprise appears. Thank you so much to Sarah for thinking of me! I thought my Pi-Yo workout yesterday was the highlight of my week, but this definitely trumps that.

Ohhhhh and I get to answer questions… I love answering questions. After all, that is my real-life job.  Ok, let me just my tumblr music playing for some good mo-jo. My tumblr really has great music.

1. What is your all-time favorite drama and why?
This is such a great question because its not the one one I would recommend to other kdrama watchers.  The drama that is my favorite can only be one that I could watch again. The only drama that I’ve re-watched multiple times is Boys Over Flowers. Its a bit frustrating because its not well written/best acted but it is the gateway Korean drama that gets almost everyone started with being an avid watcher. If I wanted to recommend a great drama, quality-wise… Queen Inhyun’s Man.
2. What is your least favorite drama and why?
Thats easy….. Big. I had SUCH high hopes for this drama.  The first 6 episodes were cute and quirky then after that things fell apart. I feel bad because we had good actors and actresses, but the script/directing/whatever it was…. just feel apart.  It still makes me really mad to this day. Atleast I got to see Gong Yoo’s abs and heard random cute English .
3. Would you rather be able to see dead people, or hear what everyone is saying ALL THE TIME?
Definitely hear what people are saying.. as long as this music plays in the background. It would be interesting what people are thinking. I could also invest in a pair of AWESOME headphones with Hello KItty on them.
4. What are your thoughts on the age old arm grab in dramas?  Romantic or obnoxious?
I’m going to go with obnoxious, but I think I’m so used to seeing it in drama where it doesn’t phase me anymore. I had someone grab my wrist once.. totally was not amused by it… even pre-kdrama era.
5. Who is your favorite second male lead of all time?
Jaejoong in Protect the Boss. Can he PLEASE get another role similar to this??? Gawd, he was cute, and sexy and hilarious. Just watch THIS to reminisce. We really need erase his role in Dr. Jin.
6. Which villain did you most want to smack with a cricket bat?
That’s easy Se-Na from Rooftop Prince. Being villainous towards another person for really no other reason than jealously just pisses me off. I remember the rage I felt towards her while watching that drama.
7. Would you rather love someone from another time who you know will have to leave you forever, or be in a less-passionate relationship with someone who can be with you for the rest of your life?
Oh how k-drama of this question. …Give me a passionate love for a short amount of time.  Putting up with anything less than love is just.. blah.
8. Name every drama you can think of in which a piece of jewelry became important.
Boys over Flowers (necklace) , Dream High (ring), Greatest Love (watch?), Prosecutor Princess (even though it was shoes), Masters Sun (necklace),  Who are You (jewelry/ring box) , Heirs ( not jewelry… dream catcher– im surprised LMH didnt try to wear it as a necklace with his very pretty sweaters. ) 49 Days and that damned teardrop necklace.
9. Name every drama you can think of in which someone ended up with a band-aid.
Seriously… ALL OF THEM. I like the hello kitty band-aids  best.
10.  If you could bring one drama character to life, who would it be and why?
ERMMMMMAAAGAWD.  The question of my life.
Hands down. Jo Jung Suk as Eun Shi-kyung in King 2 Hearts. If you didnt cry at the end of the drama l than you are heartless and we cannot be friends. Bring him back, give him his happy ending.

Is Kim Hyun Joong Getting his Groove Back?

KHJ is the reason I started watching dramas and started listening to kpop. My precious violin playing Flower Boy gave me LIFE. Sureeeee his acting was umm… but he was so darn pretty on screen. I followed the music comebacks and waited patiently for him a good drama role…… and hope that he’d step up his acting.  The best musical comebacks that I really liked were Breakdown, Kiss Kiss (J-version), and Unbreakable. The album I guess I collectively was Breakdown. It really had some good songs on it, even the ballads-ish.


Quick note about his acting… So I’ve read the Boys Over Flowers manga, watched the anime, watched Hana Yori Dango, skipped the tw drama, forever laughing at the American version that I cant watch unless I get drunk…

KHJ Drama Analysis:

Boys Over Flowers: the kdrama had sparkles, violins, Almost Paraaaaadise, and shirtless scenes… and focused more on pretty, than on acting. This is why BOF is the gateway kdrama. It pulls you in with the pretty and sends on onto a kdrama yellowbrick road to better kdramas. It will always have a special place in my kdrama heart. I should watch T-Max’s Fight the Bad Feeling to cope with BOF feels right now.

Playful Kiss- I gave KHJ a chance in BOF, but his character in PK just pissed me off. I really thought he freaking hated her. I didnt see the chemistry at all between the 2 leads. It could have been the writing, but I was disappointed because KHJ had one job: show emotion. EMOTE KHJ. Just a wink, a smirk, something after you hate on Ha Ni. The drama extensions of PK were ok. I did like them better than the drama itself.  Maybe it was better writing, new writer, better acting, better chemistry?

I didnt watch him Barefoot Friends. I can barely keep up with variety, tbh. Was he his usual 4D self?

We all saw with the “Breakdown” promotions that he was working out (haiiiii)  and seen in the City Conquest stills that he was still working out. I so wanted to watch this… even though I was seething with post SeNa hate.

Inspiring Generation: When I first heard he had taken this role I was like uhhhhh… fingers crossed. So far in the first episode.Shin Jung Tae is a rough character. Can KHJ really pull off this type of role? Wellll,  I’m going to wait until I finish the drama until I really decide, because we alllllll know things can start out well in dramaland and go south really quick (ala Big). I’m going to stay with this drama unless  Yong Tae is planning some murderous overthrow FAIL. However, if alien hottie Manager Do Min Joon shows up, I’ll roll with that storyline. Plus I always fangirl over the beginning episodes of dramas anyway…

KHJ Flashback:  Flower Boy to Bad Boy


I’ll post more about my first impressions of Inspiring Generation/Age of Feeling sometime this week. After I hangout on twitter, tumblr,  eat candy bars, and then workout… in that exact order.