Men’s Health Monday: Minhyuk

Oh Minhyuk.. how did you ever not appear on my radar before??!

OH… Why hello, Men’s Health…  Long time , no see….

Looks like things are going well with you these days…


Quick side note about BTOB…

BtoB debuted in 2012.  I don’t much about them…. but the one song that I liked instantly is WOW. Seriously, catchy.  Watch the WOW MV HERE.


Don’t forget to check out Lover Boy..  Great upbeat song with tons of BTS footage . Watch Lover Boy HERE

I am always on the hunt for more workout/upbeat songs, so if missed a good one from BtoB that you can recommend… let me know.


Fangirling over the GuruPop Show

What is Gurupop Show? A live variety show hosted by Daniel (DMTN) and SAN-E in English. … which was perfect for international fans. YES PLEASE.

I stumbled across this show in late 2012 during the UKISS episode. WHICH REMAINS MY ALL TIME FAVORITE episode.

What I loved about this show is.. EVERYTHING. Each episode featured a kpop group, silly challenges, Q&A,  and Daniel and San-E would translate for English viewers…and it was LIVE. Which made it SO MUCH BETTER.  They also would read real-time comments from fans, had contests for autographed cards… it was such a laid back and cool show.

However, due to a series of events…Season 2 never ended up happening.

It remains one of my all time variety shows. I really do miss it.

gp1 gp2  gp3

gp4  gp5

Watch all the episodes HERE

Episode 1: Wonder Girls

Episode 2: Boyfriend

Episode 3: DMTN (Dalmatian)

Episode 4: BAP

Episode 5: MBLAQ

Episode 6: Girls Day

Episode 7: Z:EA

Episode 8: Dal Shabet

Episode 9: U-Kiss

Episode 10: EXID

Episode 11: BTOB

Episode 12: C-Clown

Christmas Special with Daniel and San-E

Even though the actual show is over, the website is very much active. Check it out —>