Choi Jin Hyuk in his birthday suit

Well not really.. but can you really say NO to the abs?



Emergency Couple: Literally My First Impression

When watching the first episode of Emergency Couple all I can think of is that they better have the BEST makeup sex.

Joking aside. I am not instantly hooked on this drama… quite yet.  The wedding scene was a great action sequence but something for me was just off for me to connect…

Big props to playing Edge of the Ocean at the beginning. It  brings back completely  non-kdrama relevant Veronica Mars feels.

Ok, Ok.. back to the drama…. I seriously thought they were going to go all Mr. and Mrs. Smith with those knives… The fighting scenes were ridiculous… but I was going eeeek over how they kept challenging each other. Gawd… that poor purse.

The big fight scene was like the Olympics of fight scenes. Things kept getting broken and I kept yelling noooooooo at the screen. Seriously were they fighting about a fish?

Choi Jin Hyuk can play a great boyish character. He proved that in Panda and Hedgehog. I watched Song Ji Hyo in both Goong and in Frozen Flower (you see everyyyyything in that movie, like WHOA)…. and I don’t watch Running Man..(k-variety almost always gets ignored by me).

Do you guys like Emergency Couple? Maybe I’m just in a Funky Monday mood about this drama…


Update: I liked ep. 2 alot better! Let me eat some cake and I’ll be in an EVEN better mood.

kdrama Spotlight: Panda and Hedgehog

First of all its about food….. Specifically: Desserts.

Pan Da Yang runs the Panda Cafe and needs a new patisserie. Donghae (Seung-ji) makes kick ass desserts but he’s been in jail… so he cant get a job at Saint-Honoré which is owned by Won ll’s (Choi Jin Hyuk) step-father. Both of them like Panda, because shes freaking ADORABLE.  Crushes+desserts= I’m all in.

It has Choi Jin Hyuk in it…. pre-Gu Family Book… and he’s freaking HILARIOUS

and Donghae…. who was also hilarious

and had my favorite actress Yoon Seung Ah.  she’s sooooo cute.

The Bromance

Song In Hwa and her freaking English. She is one of my FAVORITE kdrama characters.


I really liked this drama few a few reasons. I think of this drama as an underdog. It was so cute and remains a good kdrama memory for me.