Those damn DBSK feels again….

I first listened to DBSK  in 2011…. so I’m sad that I  missed out on the 5 member DBSK era. When you watch a group, you can tell that they have this chemistry/magic… where everything comes together and you are just left with some really good music. Here are a few of the songs that I really like… and songs you probably like too.

Mirotic was one of the first k-songs I heard. If you have been living under a rock, then make sure to watch THIS live performance of it.

I admit that I probably dont know 98% of their other songs… but stumbled across this song last year and loved it ever since. GAHHH this song!!!!! YES YES YES.  I LOVE the Dance Version

Of course I can’t forget THIS song….

Give me those DBSK recommendations… You know…workout songs, though ballads will be considered, too.



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