How I (almost) learned SNSD’s Genie and lived to tell about it

2 Years ago when I just started my kpoppin journey… I discovered Genie.. and was like..  “Heyyyyy, I can do this dance”.

However, dancing Genie in heels ended my 10 second dance career….

I threw away the heels and learned it anyway…

Honestly, this was the best tutorial for learning Genie and I’m not a dancer AT ALL.

Watch and Learn Genie Part 1

Watch and Learn Genie Part 2

It actually was a really great workout too! Hope you can learn Genie and  Tell Everyone Your Wish!




When your kpop radar goes off….

On Friday  I heard my coworker listening to a kpop song.

And it was this song…

SO I run over to her and I’m like GIRLS GENERATION!!!!  and my coworker gives me this look….


Only to discover she is watching a video about cats and Hoot is only the background song.



So we are watching the funny cat video.. I’m right behind her doing this….

I’ll just continue dancing… don’t mind me.


If you want to experience this cat trolling business, click HERE.