Oguri Shun: All Sorts of Yes

Why every drama fan should watch atleast one of Oguri Shun’s dramas… (or all of them).

I first saw him in Hana Kimi.

Then in Hana Yori Dango as Rui. I loved this version because it was the closest to the manga.. and I loved the manga..

But my favorite role of his is Rich Man Poor Woman… its among my favorite jdramas.

He was also in 2013’s Woman. Has anyone seen him in this yet?

He will also be in Border, as “I See Dead People”  detective… set to air in April 2014.


So lets talk about Daito Shunsuke..


I totally loved him in Ouran HIgh School Host Club and reallllly should watch him in more dramas..

Wait, he was in Hana Kimi and Nobuta Wo Produce??? How do I not remember this?!?!?

daito shunsuke

daito shunsuke

He is perfection.