How any BTS comeback wrecks all other kpop comebacks

Let’s just talk about the Bangtan Boys Skool Luv Affair comeback photos for a minute. ERRRMAAGAWDDD.

It’s really hard to believe they debuted in 2013. Really hard. Just look at the quality of their Music Videos, Choreography and just overall everything about them….

Nothing Rookie about them in my kpop book.

We Are Bulletproof has become on of my go-to workout songs.

Every time I watch this choreography, I just have to sit back and take a moment… like DAMN.

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If you haven’t heard anything from Bangtan Boys yet.. Get on Youtube and check them out.

 Check out their comeback Teaser for Skool Luv Affair HERE


Why Mr.Mr can win you over in 5 minutes


If you haven’t heard of them… well let me help you out.

Highway was the first song that I heard from them.  The dance practice mv for Highway is my top 3 dance practice videos of all time. Sure, its filmed in a basement-ish.. but they look realllly good.  OH YES.

Watch that AMAZING HD business… HERE

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They have their own show called Mr.Mr Kpop Show which has been around since the Highway era, BUT it’s rarely subbed. The first episode is HILARIOUS.  Watch that  HERE. You see the guys working out  (OH YES) and all other cute stuff.

Their latest single is Do You Feel Me and it is SO GOOD. I heard that leader Jin wrote this song. I listen to it everyday. The video is so pretty too.

Watch the Do You Feel Me MV —–>  HERE <———–

Honestly, I can’t even understand why they aren’t more popular.