You Who Turned my Feels into a Hot Mess

…..blame Kim Soo Hyun

I want to laugh with him… then then hug him.


Why kdrama Secret stole all my feels in 2013

It actually is no SECRET how much I loved Secret. Very rarely does a drama come along and completely obliterate all other dramas for a spot in my ultimate top 5 dramas. This came right out of left field.

Here’s the backstory: Min Hyuk is a rich guy who has everything but a good personality, and burns with revenge after he found out his lover was killed in a hit-and-run accident. Yoo Jung is a woman who takes blame for those accident. She is a woman who refuses to give up on life even though she′s been thrown into despair. She goes to prison in her boyfriend’s place who causes the hit-and-run accident but she gets betrayed in the end. [cr:]

It doesn’t have ghosts, time travel, or instant “I Love You” emotions.. and thats why its so good.

The cast really made this drama stand out.  Besides Ji Sung, I was ehhh about the cast at first, but they totally proved me wrong. If any other actors/actresses has been in this I would not have liked it as much..

Ji FREAKING Sung. The range of emotions that he showed in this drama almost destroyed me. Rage, Revenge, Love.

Now  Hwang Jung-eum has TOTALLY been redeemed in my drama eyes from that disaster of Full House 2. It proved to me that she really can pull off this type of role. Seriously, give her all the awards for this drama.

Ohhhhh Bae soo bin. See… at first I thought maybe he was the weak link in this drama, but his acting was actually spot on.

Choi Woong as Gwang Soo might be my favorite wingman. He had like 2 lines, but I still noticed him in the background. He has a few dramas under his belt… I wonder what he will do next?

What I learned from this drama is if all your friends keep talking about a how great a drama is… you freaking jump on that bandwagon.  I don’t recommend dramas  easily but this one is a keeper!

Why Aftermath is currently on my drama radar

I am LOVING all these mobile dramas.  I can watch one episode in 10 minutes and feel like I just watched a regular one hour drama.

Let me introduce you to Aftermath. Watch the drama Trailer: HERE


Can I have a supernatural Crime Drama? Yes, please.

Dongjun from Z:EA is our main guy with super abilities.

Kim Min Suk is his best friend and provides a somewhat carefree attitude in this drama

But my favorite character is Kim Geun Hyung.  He is our resident baddie. You know I like the bad boys.

Ahn Dae Yong/Dongjun has this thing for a girl… at first I was bored by her character, but after a few episodes I’m more curious about her story.

I’m about halfway through this drama. What is great is that I can literally watch an episode in 10 minutes. I just fit it into my day.

No hassles or interruptions.

No Min Woo’s New Drama!

He also will appear in God’s Gift: 14 Days as Theo, leader of the band Snake.

Not too sure if he will be in the main cast or if its a smaller role…

Drama Summary: Soo-Hyun (Lee Bo-Young) travels back in time to bring her dead child back to life.

Check out the MV Trailer: HERE

Premiering March 3rd!


I’m purposely forgetting the Full House Take 2 No Min Woo. era.

I’m sure you know why.

Discovering Lee Soo Hyuk

Oh wait… He was in What’s Up???

But I havent seen him in anything else…


White Christmas and Vampire Idol are on my to-watch list. I may just watch White Christmas.. like now.-ish.

Cheon Song Yi Shenanigans: Episode 16

Good to know in times of crisis… she will literally carry you..  then drop you on the floor..

Even after all the Alien Star business… its all about wrinkles for her.

Solving Problems: Cheon Song Yi Style