You Who Turned my Feels into a Hot Mess

…..blame Kim Soo Hyun

I want to laugh with him… then then hug him.


If my teacher looked like this…

I would go to class everyday…


(Now, if he actually looked at me LIKE THAT.. well then we’d have a great story for scandalous LIfetime TV movie.)



Episode 14: Don’t Mess with Manager Do Min Joon

Shit just got real on ep. 14 of My Love From Another Star.

Like DAMN… and I’m only 4 minutes into the episode.


** SO MUCH happened in this episode but I felt like I only was watching this for 10 minutes**



Man From Another Star ep. 10

I really wish this kdrama would just pick one title translation for this drama.

Man From Another Star

My Love From the Star

You Who Came From the Star

or as I should start calling it…. Kim Soohyun’s Star.

Anyways episode 10…..AHHHH it was SO good. I love seeing the evil hyung give some stink eye to Do Min Joon.  I love how evil hyung thinks that he has evvvvvverything figured out about Do Min Joon, but he doesnt.  I feel really bad for Hwi-kyung because he literally has no clue about anything.. about his evil hyung, about Song Yi, about Do Min Joon or about Se Mi. He’s living in his clueless bubble. I want to give him a hug and a couple of clues.

Joon Jae cracks me up. I want to see an epic throwdown between him and Song-Yi. Its cute how protective of his sister he is.  This is Ahn Jae-hyun’s first drama. He will also be in Fashion King, the movie, not that craptastic drama… I’ll keep my eye on him. He doesn’t have too many scenes where I can see his acting chops in action, but a decent start to hopefully a good acting career.

The standout for this drama is obviously Jeon Ji-Hyeon. Her English is slowly spreading to other cast members in this drama. It would be a GREAT drinking game……

The other standout in this drama is Shin Sung-Rok aka evil hyung. He can throw those evil looks like nobody’s business. He has this chilly presence that he pulls off well. This is the first drama I have seen him in and I  must say he plays the baddie oh so well. Maybe its because we are left in the dark about him and only see him being ruthless. Job well done, sir.  I hope he can get a drama where he’s a reformed bad boy or something…. and not murdering people without remorse. What a Debbie Downer, evil hyung.

Oh and tonights episode epilogue was aweeeeesome. I hate waiting another week. GAHHHH.