Cheon Song Yi Shenanigans: Episode 16

Good to know in times of crisis… she will literally carry you..  then drop you on the floor..

Even after all the Alien Star business… its all about wrinkles for her.

Solving Problems: Cheon Song Yi Style


If my teacher looked like this…

I would go to class everyday…


(Now, if he actually looked at me LIKE THAT.. well then we’d have a great story for scandalous LIfetime TV movie.)



Episode 14: Don’t Mess with Manager Do Min Joon

Shit just got real on ep. 14 of My Love From Another Star.

Like DAMN… and I’m only 4 minutes into the episode.


** SO MUCH happened in this episode but I felt like I only was watching this for 10 minutes**



Man from Another Star ep. 11/12

So…. this stuff happened…

First this scene..  and all the flashbacks of shenanigans.


Then was SO DESTROYED by this…

OMGGG The episode 12 epilogue was just too much…

Man From Another Star ep. 10

I really wish this kdrama would just pick one title translation for this drama.

Man From Another Star

My Love From the Star

You Who Came From the Star

or as I should start calling it…. Kim Soohyun’s Star.

Anyways episode 10…..AHHHH it was SO good. I love seeing the evil hyung give some stink eye to Do Min Joon.  I love how evil hyung thinks that he has evvvvvverything figured out about Do Min Joon, but he doesnt.  I feel really bad for Hwi-kyung because he literally has no clue about anything.. about his evil hyung, about Song Yi, about Do Min Joon or about Se Mi. He’s living in his clueless bubble. I want to give him a hug and a couple of clues.

Joon Jae cracks me up. I want to see an epic throwdown between him and Song-Yi. Its cute how protective of his sister he is.  This is Ahn Jae-hyun’s first drama. He will also be in Fashion King, the movie, not that craptastic drama… I’ll keep my eye on him. He doesn’t have too many scenes where I can see his acting chops in action, but a decent start to hopefully a good acting career.

The standout for this drama is obviously Jeon Ji-Hyeon. Her English is slowly spreading to other cast members in this drama. It would be a GREAT drinking game……

The other standout in this drama is Shin Sung-Rok aka evil hyung. He can throw those evil looks like nobody’s business. He has this chilly presence that he pulls off well. This is the first drama I have seen him in and I  must say he plays the baddie oh so well. Maybe its because we are left in the dark about him and only see him being ruthless. Job well done, sir.  I hope he can get a drama where he’s a reformed bad boy or something…. and not murdering people without remorse. What a Debbie Downer, evil hyung.

Oh and tonights episode epilogue was aweeeeesome. I hate waiting another week. GAHHHH.


My new kdrama best friend: Cheon Song Yi

Its been a looooooong time since I really REALLY liked the female lead of a kdrama. Jeon Ji-Hyeon totally deserves awards for this drama. 

Cheon Song Yi, can we be besties?

You like food, I like food….

Your rapping skills are on the same level as mine…. which is super impressive…

Your English gives me LIFE.