Dear Kamenashi Kazuya…

you will always be Shuji to me!

Have you seen him in other dramas (rom-coms) that I might like?


Reasons I like Yamapi

I first saw Yampai in Nobuta Wo Produce.

 One in a Million was the first song of Yamapi’s that I listened to.  I love this song because it hooks you and just when you really get into it. BAM its over. So you have to keep listening to it on loop..

He’s really attractive.

I really need to listen to more of his music and watch more of his dramas… like Summer Nude. (BEST TITLE EVERRRR)

So lets talk about Daito Shunsuke..

I totally loved him in Ouran HIgh School Host Club and reallllly should watch him in more dramas..

Wait, he was in Hana Kimi and Nobuta Wo Produce??? How do I not remember this?!?!?

daito shunsuke

daito shunsuke

He is perfection.