Manga mania!

So besides watching dramas, I really love to read manga. Its one of the perks of my job at the library.


Here are some of my favs.

Strobe Edge.

Seriously this is like almost every kdrama plot ever made. Girl likes boy, boy has girlfriend, boy’s best friend likes girl. mixed feelings alllll over the place.

strobe edge


Honey Hunt.

Girl wants to be as famous as her mother. She meets two brothers as she tries to make it in the business. It abruptly stopped at volume 6..  Such a shame.

honey hunt


Nisekoi: False Love

One of the newest mangas that I started reading. Boy and girl have to pretend to date because of their families. They really don’t like each other and the boy has a crush on another student.



Say I Love You. 12 Volumes

I lovvvvvve this manga. The girl was bullied or such when she was younger so she doesnt trust anyone or have any  friends. Then the guy comes into the picture…

say ilove you