kdrama Spotlight: Panda and Hedgehog

First of all its about food….. Specifically: Desserts.

Pan Da Yang runs the Panda Cafe and needs a new patisserie. Donghae (Seung-ji) makes kick ass desserts but he’s been in jail… so he cant get a job at Saint-Honoré which is owned by Won ll’s (Choi Jin Hyuk) step-father. Both of them like Panda, because shes freaking ADORABLE.  Crushes+desserts= I’m all in.

It has Choi Jin Hyuk in it…. pre-Gu Family Book… and he’s freaking HILARIOUS

and Donghae…. who was also hilarious

and had my favorite actress Yoon Seung Ah.  she’s sooooo cute.

The Bromance

Song In Hwa and her freaking English. She is one of my FAVORITE kdrama characters.


I really liked this drama few a few reasons. I think of this drama as an underdog. It was so cute and remains a good kdrama memory for me.


The kdrama where everyone makes out…

and other reasons why you should watch it…  



    Sung Joon





….LIKE DAMN… its my dream cast.