How my dad kpop’s in the car..


An exact representation of how my dad and I jam to Zion T. and Simon D. in the car.

It was seriously the best moment ever for me.



Why Zion T. is the Ultimate Musical Bias Wrecker

Whaaaaa??? You’ve never listened to Zion T? Well, let’s fix that business… Let me take you through my evolution of becoming a Zion T. fan… and to introduce you to some of my favorite songs…soooo far.

I have linked all the MV’s/songs that I mentioned.. so take some time and just experience Zion. T ruining your life.. in SUCH a great way.

I first heard/saw him on Infinite H’s Without You MV. At that point in time,  I haven’t ventured into any k-hiphop music, but Zion T. changed that all for me.

Sidenote:  To this day…my parents still sing “Its an awesome day” instead of Niga eobseul ttae for the Without You chorus. It cracks me up every time I listen to this song.

From the Infinite-H MV, I found Click Me. Which I literally listen to EVERYDAYYYY. Also make sure to find any live performance of Click Me… and just enjoy that business.

Ok, so you like Click Me… what should I listen to next?? The entire Red Light album. Ok, so I RARELY listen to entire albums of any artist.. but this is literally the most perfect album ever. I like all the songs on this album, but listen to O, Doop, and Click Me the most. 

Next let’s skip to Manna. I love love love Manna.  It’s Primary’s song featuring Zion T… I dare you not to dance to this song. I like songs I can dance/workout to. Seriously great song.


Guess what!? Zion T. released a mini album! Now this has a different sound from Red Light. Its different, and you can tell instantly, but its so good! Check out the lead single Miss Kim.

His musical creativity just amazes me and his vocals on this song are out of this world.  Listen to the Mirror Ball mini album HERE . Only 4 songs are on the mini album, but they are realllly good.

So, are you now a Zion T. fan now? HELL YES.

For you first time listeners, let me know what you think of Zion T!

It’s hard to choose just a few Zion T. songs to focus on…

I now have Zion T. song guilt.